Inhale! Exhale! Burn that Tobacco for TN.
November 1, 2007, 12:17 am
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Ok, TN Taxpayers, you are just not doing your part. The Governor was depending on all of you TN citizens to smoke your way to a windfall of State Tax Revenue.

But….the figures are in and according to the Dept of Revenue we need a whole lot more puffin because revenues are falling short of projections.

And if SCHIP passes in the US Congress, as it looks like it will, your smokin responsibility will double because Uncle Sam wants a piece of the puffin action for more healthcare for kids (and illegal aliens and adults and “poor” people who make more than most Tennesseans.)

So light up and breath deep…Tennessee needs the money.

Ok, lets get serious. Tennessee revenue will very probably fall significantly short of projections….that means one thing. You better hold on to your wallet when the legislative session starts next Jan.

Every State Department head will be singing the same sad song which will go something like this: “I can’t possibly help the people of Tennessee unless I take more of their money.” They will try very hard to convince you that their budget is more important than your family budget. Get out your crying towels because its going to be a long legislative session.
-Ben Cunningham


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Is it ok to smoke while breastfeeding? I feel I need to do my part by picking up a carton of Marlboro Lights for the good of the state.

Or maybe we could just teach our legislators how to cut spending…

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